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Concentrating on Absorbing

& Retaining Moisture for

Overalll Healthiness of Hair


Hair Porosity Is your hairs ability to absorb and retain moisture, which a lot of people don't know and use products that dont suit their hair porosity. Parisse Porosity is the first oil that concentrates on the individuals hair strand to find out how well oils and moisture pass in and out of the cuticle of your hair. 

Fill a glass of water


Drop a single strand of your hair into the glass of water


Leave the glass for 10- 15min to see if it sinks to the bottom of the glass or floats at the top.


 Porosity Test 

1  —

Low Porosity

If the strand floats at the top before sinking.

2  —

Medium Porosity

If the strand floats somewhere in the middle of the glass.

3 —

High Porosity

If the strands quickly sink to the bottom of the glass 

The Results

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