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I’ve noticed that my hair is a lot smoother. I combine the oil with almond oil and argon oil as the smell can be strong if you’re going out. 

"Improved thickness"

I used the oil for around 3 weeks and my hair definitely grew! I’ve seen improvement in its thickness. Would highly recommend it. 

"Smells great"

I think the product is lovely. Smells amazing and has a nice consistency too! Best oil I have used on my hair to date

"Keeps my hair moisturised"

Usually, I apply oil and my hair just soaks it up and soon becomes dry. Your oil seems to keep my hair moisturised. 

"little goes a long way"

A little goes a long way. The oil consistency is great for my hair texture and leaves my hair soft and moisturised. I haven’t used any other product in my hair since.

"growth improvement"

My hair has been growing since I started using the oil, I also mix it with my peppermint oil. Hope this helps. 


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